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Welcome to Photo For My Wall, the web gallery and online shop of Scottish landscape photographer Andy MacDougall (BPE), specialising in photography of the Scottish countryside and coast. Have a browse around the landscapes of Scotland, or buy a limited edition print so that you can hang a little reminder of your favourite places on your wall.

How do you measure how good a photograph is? Has it done well in competitions, has it sold hundreds of prints, is it hanging in a gallery? Actually, art is subjective, and Andy firmly believes that a photograph is good if it is something that he or you would like to hang on the wall.

Have a browse around and see if they are any photographs of Scotland (landscape or otherwise) at Photo For My Wall that you would like to hang on your wall.

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Affordable Landscape Photography and Abstract Art

Photo For My Wall ships to many countries (not just Scotland!), including the US, the UK, Europe, Australia and many more. All prices are kept low as Andy does not sell his photographs for profit, he only attempts to recoup the costs of fulfilling his love of landscape photography. No more than 50 signed prints of any image will EVER be produced, these are numbered images and provide you with a highly exclusive piece of Scottish photographic art for your home, office or collection.[BR/]

Buying Exclusive Signed Photographic Art

To purchase an image from PhotoForMyWall.com, simply click the image size you require and pay via PayPal (you can do this with most major credit cards whether or not you have a PayPal account, in the knowledge that you have a safe and secure method of paying). It couldn't be simpler.


An Almost Perfect Evening - Out In the Wilds
15th April 2017
Preparation can get you 90% towards a great photographic experience but you can put a real spanner in the works by being distracted or forgetful - this little article recounts a sorry tale of carelessness and a too wild imagination. Go on, have a read.
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Stalker Sunset 366A7750 West Coast
(Contains 5 photos)
Glen Etive7756v2 The Road to Glencoe
(Contains 12 photos)
A gallery of images taken along the route into Glencoe - Scotland most famous glen.
Blue Corriskeir 0026 All Alone in Ardnamurchan
(Contains 6 photos)
They used to call the Ardnamurchan Peninsula the "Auld Impenetrable". I was there for 4 days, saw only a handful of people and the only one I talked to was St Ciaran mac an t-Saeir as I stood at his 1500 year old grave side.
The Wee Grouse Beaters Hut 6638 Highland Perthshire
(Contains 9 photos)
Cuillin Colours 4970 Isle of Skye
(Contains 13 photos)
Saltire Over Auld Reekie (0789) Edinburgh and Midlothian
(Contains 8 photos)
Some images from in and around Scotland's capital city, Edinburgh.
Ardnamurchan Rocks mono 9777 Black and White
(Contains 6 photos)
A folio of Black and White images
Magnified Leaf (ref Ab006) Abstracts
(Contains 10 photos)
Abstract shapes, colours and view points
Balcary Bay (ref VL030) Vistas and Landscapes
(Contains 36 photos)
The big picture
House Skeleton (ref Arch006) Architectures
(Contains 20 photos)
Hooses and kirks and the like.
Bow Fiddle Sunrise (ref WF010) Water Features
(Contains 13 photos)
Every home needs a water feature.
Setting Summer Sunshine (Ref. T0004) Trees
(Contains 6 photos)
An appreciation of things woody.
Voucher Special Offers
(Contains 1 photo)
How nice would it be to be able to say to someone, "Here's a voucher! Just visit www.PhotoforMyWall.com and choose a print. All you need to do is find a picture you like and email PhotoForMyWall@gmail.com with it's name".
This option is now available! If you want to buy a voucher, click the voucher image below, select the option you want to give as a gift and pay for it safely via Paypal (you don't even have to have a Paypal account!)
Once paid, I will email the voucher to the value paid, for you to send to the recipient, along with a personalised code word for them to quote to me to claim their print.