Photo For My Wall is a non profit online gallery for the photographic art of Scottish photographer Andy MacDougall, BPE.

About the Photographer
Based in Central Scotland, Andy has easy access to many of the most scenic views in Scotland, however his photography is not just about the most well known views but using his personal knowledge of the land, he also attempts to show the beauty and interest of areas often overlooked by the infrequent visitor.

Andy is a Scottish landscape photographic artist with images held in private collections on three continents. He has won several photographic competitions including The Guardian's Been There Competition, the New York Institute of Photography’s “Oktoberfest” international competition and he has been shortlisted for The Scottish Nature Photography Awards, Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year and Outdoor Photography Magazines Photographer of the Year on several occasions. His images have been published in the press and in calendars and he has had numerous acceptances to National Photography Salons where his photographs have been exhibited throughout the United Kingdom, earning him the honorific, British Photographic Exhibitor. He also enjoys collaboration with artists from other medias such as oil and watercolour painting.

Andy does not sell his images for profit and any income generated is recycled to partly fund his continuing photographic adventure. He can therefor offer these quality art pieces at very low prices.

About the Images
Primarily shooting landscape and coastal images, Andy captures the mood of the Scottish countryside and towns in an attempt to convey his personal feelings about living in this beautiful country that he is so proud of.

All of Andy’s images are available as signed limited editions with no more than 50 signed prints ever being sold of any image. Printing up to 30 cm is carried out personally by the author and larger sizes are printed by professional printing laboratories. All images are giclée printed using the best quality materials and will last many decades without fading.