Online Contemporary Art Galleries

At Photo For My Wall, although we are sure we fit your budget, we realise that tastes in images is very personal and you may be looking for something different. We want you to find some art for your wall, so have listed here, with indicative prices, some alternative galleries from photographers we respect, that may fit your room better.

Each link is tested for currency regularly, but if you notice any that are broken please contact us and let us know.
The art of Welsh artist Andrew Johnson
Fine art photography in a very differnt style from Photo For my Wall's photographer Andy MacDougall. Images by Andrew Johnson - prices start around £100
Tim Parkin's North of England Large Format Landscapes
Tim is one of the rising stars of large format British landscape photography and has an incredible collection of images available at his site. I have a huge respect for these large format guys, even if it's just for their strength and determination in lugging all that antique equipment about ;-). Please take a look at his site.
Ocean Photography
Stunning under and over water images from Ireland (among other places) by award winning photographer George Karbus. Exceptionally good images, well worth a look and surprisingly reasonably priced at that! - Costs approx £30 to £100.
Art Degree Graduates
Considering investing in the work of new graduates? This site shows sellable images by recent graduates. Costs typically range between £400 and £2500, but there are some bargains to be had!
Portrait and creative photography by Lynne Morris
A wide variety of great quality images by Lynne Morris.
Contemporary photographic art images - cost range of approx £100 to £2500

Interior Design

Whether you purchase an image to hang in your home, office or commercial space, we want the image to look great for you. Many people buy photographic art when decorating their space and so we have listed here some sites that can give useful hints and tips on decorating and accessorising a room, as well as how to hang your artwork.

Remember that all Photo For My Wall images have been key worded with their basic colours, to help you search for an image that fits your colour scheme.
Colour schemes in 3D
Away with little tester pots! Leading paint manufacturer, Crown, suuplies an interesting tool that lets you visualise your colour scheme in 3D.
Colour selection
Leading paint manufacturer Dulux, supplies hints and tips on colour matching and selecting and seeting moods for a room.
How Much Paint
Another link from Dulux - this page provides a tool to allow you to estimate how much paint you will need to decorate your space. It's a rough guide but we think is very handy.

Non-Photographic Artists

Occasionally I am asked by artists if they can interpret my photographs in paint. I'm always happy for this to happen - just email me to let me know and when you finish send me a thumbnail image to post on my site and link back to you.

Here are some links to artists I have had the pleasure of talking about painterly/photographic collaborations with.
Catherine De Ryck - Water Colours
Catherine De Ryck is an incredibly talented Belgian water colour artist and founder of the International Watercolour Biennial. If you are interested in water colours, please check out her blog, "Walk on Water" at the attached link - she not only has a compelling portfolio but also blogs regularly in both English and French.
Paintings by Irene Fordyce
Irene is a local artist and has painted a few of my pictures - she has a great eye and often adds a whimsical element. You can connect with her on Facebook to see examples of her work.